Ten Things to Do and See in Buffalo

Two weeks ago, I published a post on what to do in Buffalo in 48 hours.  If you have more time than that, here are 10 things I recommend doing and seeing in Buffalo.  They are in no particular order.

1. Go to Niagara Falls!  

The first summer I went to Buffalo, DG and I did the Maid of the Mist, and it was awesome!  It's so close it's a shame not to see it.  I've heard the Canadian side is better, but we enjoyed the American side and I really did love the Maid of the Mist, touristy or not.  I do think we'll do this the next time we go in the summer.  Side note, we STILL have a disposable camera from that trip that we've never developed.  4.5 years later.

2. Do a winery tour on the Niagara Trail.

Arrowhead Spring in Lockport, NY

Eveningside Vineyards

Honeymoon Trail Winery

Vizcarra Vineyards at Becker Farms

This is my absolute favorite thing to do in Buffalo.  The countryside is absolutely breath taking.  The wine is good and sometimes reminds me of the sweet wines that North Carolina is famous for!  My favorite is Vizcarra Vineyards because they also serve beer, which makes DG happy.

3. See the locks of the Erie Canal in Lockport.

I absolutely adore Lockport.  In the summer, they have free concerts and festivals.  I loved seeing the locks fill and open.  There are adorable restaurants and shops in the town.  And at one point, Lockport had the most millionaires per capita.  So you know my inner history nerd couldn't handle the excitement!  There are also boat tours for this, but you can also tour it yourself.  There's a cute little history museum in the white building in the picture.  Or you can check out the Erie Canal Discovery!

4. Visit Fort Niagara.

I've always loved lighthouses, so I really was intrigued with this one being in a parking lot.

I am sparing you pictures from 2011 when DG and I went and I was fangirling over all the War of 1812 information available in the fort.  It's a gorgeous and well-maintained park and you can see Toronto across the lake in various parts.  Seriously worth it, even if you're not a history nerd.

5. Take a tour of the Buffalo History Museum.


I just really loved this tour, not even because I'm a history nerd, but because I didn't know the extent of historical relevance Buffalo had.

6. Visit Lewiston.

Lewiston has a gorgeous view of the Niagara River and is one of the launch places for the whirlboat jet tours.  However, it is also the last stop of the underground railroad and they have a statue there to commerate.  There is a gorgeous hotel and spa across the street in addition to great restaurants.  We went after seeing Fort Niagara, so it's fairly close.

7. Take a tour of the H.H. Richardson building.

I mentioned in my 48 hour tour, but y'all, it is so good.  And I've never taken the tour before.  I highly recommend just going and taking in the absolute masterpiece this building is.

8. Visit Elmwood for walking tours, shopping, eating, and for lounging in the park.


Elmwood is seriously so amazing.  DG knows to take me down here every time we visit.  The best part is there is always something happening, whether it's a farmers market or flea market, concert, yoga in the park, etc., if it's warm enough.  Really, a great place.

9. Take in a show at Shea's Performing Arts Center.


This is a stunning building worth seeing, even if you don't take in a show!

10. Explore the Canalside.

There is so much to do at the canalside.  The Naval Park is awesome, there are tours to the lighthouse, and there are watersports and free events on the lawn.  It's just a great place.

Stay tuned for the last in this three part series of places to eat in Buffalo.  Y'all know I love to eat, and Buffalo has some great places to try!

Did you miss the first installment?  What to do in 48 hours in Buffalo!  And here's an oldie post from 2013 where I took some of these images.

All images are my own unless otherwise noted with (via) and linked back to the source.

Happy Thursday!

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