Weekending: All the Foods

Happy Monday, y'all!  This weekend was crazy busy, but so much fun! 
Friday, I met some friends at Bombshell for American Meltdown.  I've posted about American Meltdown before and I always get so excited.  It's one of my favorite food trucks, ever.  I get the same thing every time.  The buffalo blitz sandwich and fried Brussels sprouts.
Saturday morning, I woke up and did some planning and work before heading into the shop.  How adorable is this mug?
When I headed into work, I continued my weekend tour of sandwiches with this amazing BLT from Salem Street Pub.
Saturday afternoon, we went to the State Fair.  We look forward to the state fair every year, but this year, we really were excited because we had an idea for Gizmo's birthday.  Our sweet Gizmo loves a stuffed animal.  Winston rips stuffed animals apart, while Gizmo is really gentle with his toys.  He sleeps with them, carries them around with him, and doesn't rip the stuffing out.  
One of our favorite reasons for going to the state fair is to eat.  I always bring a list with me, but I only snapped two pictures of what we got.  I always stop at La Farm's food truck for a pimiento cheese and bacon sandwich.  And this time, we tried Al's French fries, because DG saw it on the news and heard it was supposed to be delicious.  We were definitely pleased!
Here are our scenes from the fair.  DG and I finally were able to wander a little more than normal and we loved the flower and garden expo.  And that little clay Christmas tree is something I'd love to have for our house.  It reminds me of my grandparents when I was younger.  And autumn has definitely sprung in North Carolina.  Look at those trees *heart eye emojis*!
When we got home, we had our party for Gizmo!  Our crazy guy has come so far since May and we wanted to make sure that both Gizmo and Winston had fun.  We always get Winston a Happy Birthday cookie from Woof Gang Bakery.

And Sunday, I got to see me tall friend from Chicago, had the best brunch at Lucky 32, and then met my friend Hillary for a little shopping at Crabtree.  Then, just like that, it was time to get ready for the week again!
How was your weekend?  Link up and tell Biana and me all about it!

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