15 Thoughts for My Mama

Tomorrow is my mama's birthday and I thought it'd be fun to dedicate a post to her and her fun-loving personality.  I'm an only child, and boy did I hit the parent jack pot.  Both of my parents are amazing, but man is my mama something else.  If you know me in real life, and you haven't met her, you're missing a pretty big explanation of my personality.

1.  You are the first person I call whenever anything happens, good or bad.  Remind me to tell y'all the story of when DG and I got engaged sometime.
2.  You have the sweetest little accent and I love how you use it to lay on that southern charm.

3. You've always let me make my own mistakes, but I still have the post it note you wrote me my senior year in college when you told me to follow my heart.

4. I am still in awe of your patience when Lindsey and I broke the toilet in 8th grade, when I flooded the upstairs bathroom in 10th grade, and when I got a speeding ticket my first weekend in college.  You have never used that against me, even when you should have.

5. I'm sorry that one time I pretended to forget it was your birthday.  I thought I was being cute, but I really did know it was your birthday.

6. I appreciate that you always let me advocate for myself.  You never fought my battles for me, and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

7. I love when people who know both of us say things like, "If you met her mama, you'd understand."  They're right.  They would.

8.  Thanks for listening and always giving me advice, even when I don't want it.

9.  Thanks for always advocating for DG when I'm annoyed with him.

10. My friends all love having you around and never see me without asking how you're doing.

11. You're always the life of the party and I'm never not laughing when you're around.

12. Thanks for being proud of me.  I didn't always deserve it, but you always reminded me of the right things I had done.
13.  The boys recognize your voice on the phone even when they don't see you often, and they always get excited when we say they're going to see their grammy.  That's because you're just as silly over them as we are.

14. One of my all time favorite memories is that fall we went and pulled up cotton plants for DIY projects.  Including the boutonnieres for the wedding we made together.

15.  I can't imagine life without you.  You are the absolute best and I can never say thank you enough for the love, support, and the life you have given me.