Welcome Winter: Bucket List

beautiful and wintery front porch:
Y'all, this year has just absolutely flown by.  I thought 2014 went fast, but yeesh.  Today's post is dedicated to my Fall Bucket List and revealing my Winter Bucket List.
1. I'm planning on making apple cider donuts during this two week break from work.
2.We did attend an ECU game this season.  It was really special, but even more so since it ended up being Coach Ruffin McNeil's last game as a Pirate coach.
3.We had a campfire with s'mores for Halloween this year.
4. I made spiced apple cider mimosas for Thanksgiving, and they weren't my favorite.
5. I updated our front stoop this year (here's what I upgraded from). 
 6. I changed up my hair color from this to this.
7. DG and I attended the state fair, and picked up Gizmo's first birthday present.
8. I didn't get to the Durham Farmer's Market yet.
9. Our leaf party was usually during our runs.
10. & 11. Our trips to Asheville and Pilot Mountain got pushed back a bit because of some unforeseen circumstances.
12. And our Raleigh tour is coming over break!
Our fall ended up being a heck of a lot busier than we anticipated.
We have some exciting plans in the winter, but you know how life likes plans.  So, this is a little more loose than my other bucket lists have been.  Stay tuned to see if I follow through.
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P.S. here is my summer bucket list.
Hope you have a great day!
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