Current Target Finds

Current Target Finds

Truth, DG is picky about towels.  Truth, I am picky about sheets.  I really just rotate between 2 sets of sheets for our bed because I just can't find any I like better.  DG hates towels with too much ribbing.  Enter Target for the win!  I also picked up this blanket for the holidays and I love how warm it is but still has the pretty metallic touch.  I have these thing for serving trays.  I don't need another one, but if I did, I'd get this marble tray.  It's absolutely stunning!  You can't go wrong with stemless glassware, especially champagne flutes.  After being cramped in our house for a few days, I made a list of a few things I wanted to update, and a new desk lamp was on my list.  This lamp is just a little too big for my home desk, but it'd be great in my office!

What are you currently loving?  Anything at Target I should pick up?

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