Weekending: Iced In

Well, What the Hell...:

Good morning and happy Monday!  We're out of school again today for residual ice left over from Jonas so I'm using the day to catch up on cleaning out the linen closet and finalizing some work for a meeting this week.  I did check off some items on my January goal list over the weekend, including cleaining out my closet.  I listed some clothes for sale over on Poshmark.  Head over to check my closet out!

Friday was a pretty nasty day.  I cleaned up my blog design, so I apologize if you stopped by on Friday when I was in between designs, but I love the new look.  Special thanks to Karly for being willing to help me out!

I also got a lot of questions about Smith & Cult polish.  It has lasted for approximately 7 days without a single chip.  I did use Smith & Cult base coat, polish in The Graduate, and top coat.  I am obsessed and would like to add these three colors to my collection: Filth Noir // Pillow Pie // No Poem.

Shop the polishes here:

Saturday, we ventured out with the boys.  I took this picture 2 years ago of Winston after he and I were trapped on the highway for about 2.5 hours.  He really loves this weather, and I knew this year wouldn't be any different.

The difference is, this year, he has his brother to wrestle with and they had the best time.

And he could barely keep up with Gizmo.

We ventured out to meet friends for lunch in town.  The major roads were okay, but the side roads were pretty rough.  Check out my favorite red barn (last seen here).  Also, check out this farm.  I love this view when we leave our neighborhood.

We took a little walk while waiting for our friends to join us.  I adore this beautiful house that they've restored.  It's now an event venue and it's just stunning.

I am loving these tulips I picked up from the local grocery store.  They really helped brighten my mood while I was spending hours (literally, hours) cleaning up my labels. 

We finished up the weekend with some local flea market browsing and grocery shopping.  Gizmo enjoyed lots of play time with his... 10 toys.  So much so that he needed a nap.

And of course we cheered the Panthers on to victory!  I don't usually watch professional football, but I'm all about the hype these boys are getting.  Katie & Amanda, I know you girls are over the moon! 

Alright, now it's your turn!  Link up and tell Biana and me about your weekend!


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