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Happy Friday, y'all!  I mentioned on Monday that DG and I started dating on Valentine's Day, but we met on February 12.  You know how I remember that?  It's one month after my birthday and Abraham Lincoln's birthday.  My world did a complete 180 after meeting DG.  Here's how we met. Today is our 5 year anniversary, so here's a quick recap of us through the years.

{Year One}

Terrible quality, but the first picture we ever took together.
{Year Two}

Our engagement

{Year Three}

{Year Four}

{Year Five}

Happy Anniversary, DG!  I'm so happy that you walked in to Isaac Hunter's that night.  

And happy Friday, y'all!  Be sure to check back here Monday for weekending!

P.S. did you catch this week's posts?  Here's a Valentine gift guide (with gift cards!), my weekend recap, a winter outfit, and 6 valentine date ideas!


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