Friday Favorites: The Last One of February

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Woo hoo!  Happy Friday, friends!  I'm so excited to see the weekend.  Last weekend's traveling really kicked my booty this week.  I haven't taken so many naps and gone to bed so early in a long time!  Here are my favorites from this week:

{Winston & Gizmo Moments}

Winston & Gizmo really look forward to their monthly shipment from  February is Dental Health Month for pets, and my boys love a Greenie.  Thanks, Chewy for the boys' favorite snack that's good for their teeth, too!

Wednesday, we experienced some pretty severe weather.  Our town went under a tornado warning and things got a little scary outside.  So, DG & I piled into our powder room with the boys.  Don't let this fool you.  Gizmo was in hiding until the camera came out.

{Favorite Project}

I picked this desk up for $40 from Craig's List.  I am using it at work for my desk for the time being and I really love the way it turned out.  Shop my desk look (& my Target finds from Wednesday's post) here:

{Favorite Outfit}

Tuesday's post here.

{Favorite Site}

Traveling always gives me major wanderlust.  I wish I had more time to explore Tampa last weekend, but I was obsessed with the Oxford Exchange.  I'm still swooning over this gallery wall.  Sir Winston Churchill, JFK, & Teddy Roosevelt all present.  Seriously.  Obsessed.

DG and I are still trying to figure out where we're going to travel this summer, but for now, I'll day dream about this gorgeous space and the perfect weather we had.

{Favorite Link}

I try to keep my political views away from this space, but this article is too real.  I take voting very seriously and I hope that you do, too.  It's the one thing I always wanted my students to leave my classroom feeling empowered to do.  It never fails that I tear up every time I vote.  What a great honor that I get to cast my opinion in the political leaders in my country.  It's a right that is often taken for granted when other countries aren't afforded the same right.  So, don't forget to register to vote so you can rock the vote this year!

I hope you have a great weekend!  See you back here Monday for Weekending with Biana!


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