Weekending: Exploring Raleigh

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Happy Tuesday, friends!  I switched things up a little this weekend, so yesterday I scheduled a fashion post in a little collab with Courtney & Stephanie.  Today, I'm recapping my weekend exploring Raleigh.  DG's season has started back up, so our time together on the weekends is a little more of a priority.  I had on my winter bucket list that I wanted to explore some of the historic homes in downtown Raleigh, and the Mordecai Historic Park was one of the ones I wanted to check out.


The Mordecai House is the oldest house in Raleigh that hasn't been relocated.  Raleigh bought the property in the 1970s and moved a few other historic landmarks to the park.  This house and two other houses are original to the property.  This garden is a small replica of what it looked like during the Lanes' tenure here.  DG and I both really enjoyed touring this property because most of the furniture is original to the house as well.  The city has done a great job preserving the house and its decor.

Another pice of the park is the house where Andrew Johnson was born.  Johnson was the 17th President and took over after Lincoln's assassination.  This house was located on Fayetteville St. in Raleigh, but was moved to help preserve it better.  

The building on the right in this picture is the law office of James Iredell, whose family was really prominient in NC.  The church was moved off of a plantation.  The Lane/Mordecai property would have had a similar church on their property but the original was destroyed.

The tour we took was about 50 minutes and really informative and interesting.  If you're in the area and have never taken the tour, I highly recommend.

We grabbed an early dinner at Trophy Brewing Co. and came home to binge watch Chrisley Knows Best & House of Cards.

How was your weekend?  Did you watch House of Cards?  What did you think of this season?

Have a great day!


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