Friday Favorites: The Long Week Edition

I have a new obsession with wanting fresh flowers all over my house!:
Woo hoo, it's Friday, y'all!  It's been a really long week over here and I'm excited for the weekend.  Today is going to be a hard day.  One of my best friends from my hometown lost his father on Monday, so I'll be heading home to see him.  But, I'll also be celebrating life as my best friend's little boy turns one.  It's going to be a cram packed weekend of celebrating and I can't wait to share with you next week!

Let's jump into my Friday favorites!


I've been working out more consistently and last night, I headed to FlyBarre for a class.  That class still kicks me in the rear, but I love it!  The instructor went to East Carolina and is a teacher, so I specifically signed up for her class to show some Pirate love!


No Place Like Home | Rustic Home Decor | Wood Sign | Hand Painted | Shabby Chic | Mantel Decor

I have major mantle envy over this one.  Salvaged Chic Market over on Etsy is stinkin' adorable!


I've mentioned my aunt passed away from breast cancer when I was in high school.  Her favorite flowers were dahlias, so I plant them every year in honor of her.  The plants I potted this year are absolutely gorgeous!


I am incredibly passionate about politics and encouraging others to exercise their right to vote.  I'd say my interest started in high school with the help of my two U.S. History teachers.  I took an independent study class my senior year and my teacher took us to UVA to sit in a college class and to meet Larry Sabato.  We sat through one of his lectures, and it was absolutely incredible.  I always look forward to his Crystal Ball predictions during election season!


Last, but certainly not least, this has been a week of celebrating our sweet boys.  Monday marked Gizmo's 1st adoptiversary!

And today is our precious Winston's 5th birthday!

I think we're long overdue with a post about these two crazies, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates about these furballs.  We'll be continuing our celebration in to the weekend.  P.S. we celebrate both our boys' adoptiversaries and their birthdays because who doesn't love a party?  Gizmo isn't as in to the party hats as Winston is, but that's because Winston is a party animal.

I hope y'all have had a great week!  Please keep my friend's family in your thoughts and prayers.  I'll see you back here Monday for Weekending with Biana!


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