Barre to Brunch

Y'all, one of my favorite workouts is barre.  The workout at FlyBarre is like no other.  Every instructor is full of energy and are so positive and upbeat.  I like the close quarters of the room and that everything is already laid out for me.  Morgan is one of the instructors and she is a ball of energy and just the sweetest thing.  Going to her class on a Saturday morning is a great way to kick off the weekend.

One of my other favorite things about the studio is all the awesome gear they have.  I swapped out my work out shirt for this RPMs and Rose shirt for brunch after class.  The FlyWheel Studio offers has a fully stocked shower and vanity with some of my favorite products (think Batiste Dry Shampoo).  They also have hair dryers, which is super convenient after a workout.  It makes it so easy to head to work or to brunch after class.

Have you tried FlyBarre or FlyWheel?  

Local people!  Go take a class ASAP and sign up for Morgan or Brooks' class!  I have taken both of theirs and love them!


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