Friday Favorites: Last of June

Hello, hello friends!  It's the last weekend of June!  Traveling for so long at the beginning of the month made this week fly by even faster than normal.  Next week, DG and I celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and then my in-laws are coming in for a visit.  So far, my summer vacation has been exactly what I've needed and I am excited for the rest of our break!  We'll be taking it easy this week to save up for our anniversary staycation we're doing this year.


(Photo by Conway Photo Shop)

As I started getting ready for our anniversary, I started flipping through our wedding & anniversary pictures.  One of my favorite parts from our wedding day was my bouquet from Simplicity Floral.  I've known Denise for years, and she took my vision and completely nailed it.  If you live in the area, check her out for floral arrangements.  She does an outstanding job for weddings!  


I posted my travel guide for Louisville yesterday on C&S.  It was a big trip because I remembered my camera & tried to work on my picture taking quality.  One of my favorite parts of Louisville was the architecture, but there were two spots on Main Street that has beautiful building facades with nothing behind them... except sometimes cool artwork like this one.


Earlier this week, I met Angela, Courtney, & Stephanie for dinner at Fiction Kitchen.   I have always wanted to try it, but knew I couldn't get DG to go with me.  I ordered the eastern NC pulled "pork" because when you pride yourself in loving eastern NC BBQ as much as I do, you have to see how this measures up.  Y'all, it was the most bizarre thing I've ever eaten.. in a good way.  It tasted very much like the real thing.  I highly recommend trying out Fiction Kitchen!  

P.S. I also checked off a restaurant on my Summer Bucket List AND on the NC must-try restaurant list.


I met two of my college girlfriends for lunch on Monday, and tried out another new to me restaurant, Relish Cafe. I ordered a shrimp burger with bacon cheese fries... because why not.  It was delicious and I promptly went and joined a gym on my way home.  I wish I was kidding.


I've been able to find time this summer to attend the pool or just to sit outside for a couple of hours each day.  I got to do that maybe 3 times total last summer.  I really enjoy having time to be lazy with DG in the midst of our crazy schedules.  It's done a world of good for our productivity!  P.S. those macaroons from lucettegrace in downtown Raleigh?  OMG.  They were chocolate peanut butter and confirmed joining a gym was a good decision this summer. 

Shop the look here:

Alright, y'all!  What are your favorites this week?

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Have a fabulous weekend! 


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