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Good morning!  I'm coming at you in real time because I ended up having a busier week than I anticipated!  My summer vacation is off to a great start and I have been purging and organizing closets and drawers I've procrastinated for years a while.  Here are some of my favorites from this week and a couple of thoughts.
I couldn't bring myself to write about the shooting in Orlando earlier in the week because I was afraid my emotions would get the best of me.  Each time there is a mass shooting in the United States I think, "this is it.  We'll finally take action against these senseless acts of hatred."  This one hit me harder than I expected.  I was emotionally overwhelmed to learn that an East Carolina alum was one of the victims, who was at the university just 2 short years before me.  I am so glad that news sources have been posting stories about the victims and their families, instead of the shooter.  That's how we beat terrorism, and by continuing to live our lives without fear.  My thoughts & prayers are with Orlando and with all the victims' families of shootings in the US.
P.S. I loved Jimmy Fallon's thoughts from Monday night.
And this quote:
Look for the helpers...:
I also loved Karly's post on "She is someone."  Such an eloquent post and a great response to society.  Thank you for speaking up!  


Here's a sneak peek at one of next week's looks.  I love this sweet hydrangea dress from Charleston's Shop Borough.  Shop the rest of my look here: sunnies // tote // sandals

Finally got a fiddle leaf fig for our dining room!

 I've been catching up on magazine reading and enjoying this coffee in my favorite mug!

A few of my current favorites
La Croix Curate // Tassel Earrings // Phone Case // Sunnies

Stay tuned for an upcoming travel guide for Louisville!

That's it for this week.  What are your Friday favorites?  

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