Weekending: Traveling & Celebrating

Cyclades, Greece - those crystal blue waters:
Good morning, good morning friends!  I am coming at you real time, yet again!  Normally in the summer, I am able to stay on top of blog posts and have my ideas scheduled out well.  But this summer, I'm working on freelance writing and a few other things that I didn't realize would be so time consuming.  I'm looking forward to this week where I'll be visiting the beach with my folks. 
 Let's jump into my weekend recap according to my iPhone:
Thursday, my dad and I headed to Windsor, NC for a day trip.  I announced Friday that I'm rebranding, and one of the focuses on my new brand is eastern North Carolina.  I was really impressed with some of the things to do in Windsor, but nothing was more positively surprising than these beautiful tree houses.  These will be available for rent in the fall, but are going to be on the DIY Network's Treehouse Boys tonight!  
And I checked off another BBQ joint on my list of places to try!  Bunn's Barbecue in Windsor is maybe one of my favorite places I've tried. 

On Friday, I rested for a while after my big day of traveling, but I did go to FlyBarre with Angela.  

Saturday, DG & I did housework and planned out some home improvement projects we'd like to work on this summer/fall.  Then I headed out to celebrate my friend Em's birthday!  Em is one of the best and I loved being able to celebrate her!  Her husband prepared a 5 course meal for her & her friends, and man can he cook!

And yesterday, DG & I had a date night at Pullen Park in Raleigh.  I had on my spring bucket list that I wanted to do the pedal boats, and we never got around to it.  So we crossed it off last night, and then we enjoyed a jazz concert in the park.

And we finished our date night with dinner at The Station on Person.

What did you do this weekend?  I hope that you enjoyed yourself!

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