Friday Favorites: The Best of Locally Made in the Triangle


Good morning for my favorite place in the whole world!  I am in Charleston for The Blog Societies Conference (#TBSCon) and I cannot wait to share my experience with you in the coming weeks.  Or you can follow along on Instagram (@champagneandsuburbs) & Snapchat (@mbg0112).  But today, I wanted to share some of my favorite locally made products from the Triangle.


(Photo by Glory Roze Photography)

I learned of Color the World lipsticks at our Parlor North Raleigh collaboration (read more here).  The lipsticks all donate $5 to a charity designated by the color.  I picked up Surf Berry, which donates to Forever Home Rescue Foundation, and Glamberry, which donates to Feeding America.  I love the sweet packaging, but how cute is that Forever Home Rescue packaging with the little scottie dog?  So cute!  And the lipsticks are vegan & cruelty free.

P.S. Use code 'champagne' for $5 at Parlor North Raleigh.


I love these Honest Hazel Under Eye Treatments.  I picked up the "Try-Me" package and pop them in the refrigerator the nigh before and put them on while drinking my coffee and reading The Skimm in the morning.  If you use them for the 20-25 minutes, you can get three uses out of each treatment.  If you decide to sleep with the treatment on, then you get one night's use out of that treatment.  I have been so impressed with my results and highly recommend!


I've posted about Klen Shop before (here) and how much I love their safely made products.  All of the skincare products are designed to heal, which I definitely need for my lips in the summer.  I've been using Klen Shop products since February and I still think their products are amazing!


I snagged this Joe Van Gogh coffee, made in Hillsborough, NC, from Whole Foods using Instacart (see post here).  In recent years, I've really tried to focus on only buying coffee from producers who know the coffee farmers, and I love that Joe Van Gogh has been properly sourcing its coffee beans since 1991.  Check out their options for coffee here.

Raleigh people, what other locally made products do you love?

I truly am passionate about shopping local and supporting local businesses.  I'd love for you to share any of your favorite local shops from your city in the comments!

P.S. Did you check out this week's posts?  Here's a look at a brisket taco recipe, our collaboration with Parlor North Raleigh, a black & white outfit, what to do on Ocracoke Island, and DG's favorite hair products, that I can use too!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Be sure to link up with Biana and me on Monday for weekending!  I'll be sharing snaps from #TBSCon!


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