Weekending: Wedding Weekend Insta Favorites

For starters, thank you SO much for all your kind words last weekend.  DG and I had a great wedding and we are so excited to be married.  I am also super grateful to Biana, Pamela, and Owen for their AWESOME guest posts last week.  I promise I will be responding to your messages over the week.  Thanks for hanging with me while I get back into the swing of life.

I'm so happy to be back with Biana to do our Weekending link-up!  I'm gonna be a little off right now with my weekending post because I want to save the honeymoon posts for later.  Here are some of my favorites from our wedding weekend.  Don't worry, this blog will resume to fashion, recipes, and home improvements now that the wedding is over.  However, I'll still be squeezing in some wedding recaps as well.

My girlfriends and I got ready together all afternoon and took a trolley from the hotel to our ceremony venue.  We got there at 5:30 and we didn't want to just sit around until 6:00.  I was a little nervous, so one of my friends suggested heading to a bar for a drink prior to the ceremony.  So, that's what we did, and it. was. awesome (don't worry, my pregnant friend Hillary drank ginger ale).

While our guests were at cocktail hour, we rode around on the trolley and took pictures in downtown Raleigh.

I stopped traffic to get some pictures of us and the bridal party in the street.  This was a theme from my bridal portraits I wanted to carry over into the wedding pictures.

Of course we took an elevator selfie!

DG and I literally had the best day of our lives.  It was so much fun and it went by entirely too fast.

As promised, I will resume to normal "stuff," but check back on Wednesdays for occasional wedding recaps.

Alright, your turn to tell B and me about your weekend!  Don't forget to use our button and link back to us!



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