Weekending: A Doozy

This weekend was my last one before the year cranks up.  I'm always excited to get back into a routine, but that routine also makes me incredibly exhausted, so hang in there if my posts are sporadic.  

Friday was busy with work, but I got a two hour break before heading back to work that evening.  I babysat DG's God daughter and her 2 month old sister.  I had a great time with the two girls and was jealous DG got to spend more time with them after I left.

Saturday, I slept for 10 hours, which is really unusual for me.  Did I mention that I got a Fitbit?  I'm obsessed with it.  I love that it tracks my sleep, but that it also wakes me up.  Here's a confession, but I am a multiple snooze button person.  I set my alarm for an hour earlier than when I need to wake up and snooze it.  Since I got my Fitbit, I'm not doing that though, and it has made a huge difference.

Remember I told you was over at the Blogger Closet this weekend?  I resisted the urge to throw on a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt when I went out and instead threw on a dress I received from eShakti.  Tomorrow, I'll be posting a review so stay tuned, but here's a sneak peek.  Also, you can head over to eShakti and receive 10% off your order with code: champagnes

I ran some errands and I headed out to run some errands which included a much-needed manicure and pedicure with my friend Amy.  I also got my new Warby Parker glasses adjusted, which is exciting for me because I've been wearing the same glasses since my freshman year of college.

DG and I finalized a few home improvement projects, including hanging curtains in the living room and bonus room.

I had to work Saturday night and finally got to rock my new long sleeve romper from The Purple Polka Dot.

Sunday, I had to work and do adult things, like grocery shop.  I wore my favorite hi-low skirt from Splendid with another set of Layered and Long necklaces.

I was also able to get some things done around the house before relaxing in my favorite outfit and my new specs.

And whenever I find myself having self doubt, it always seems that I hear from a friend who always makes me feel better.  Yesterday, I heard from several people wishing me a happy first day of the school year with students.  As I was getting in bed listening to Ella Fitzgerald's Pandora station, I heard one of my all time favorite songs that my BFF sang to me at our graduation banquet.  I'm not going to lie, it was exactly what I needed!

Now it's your turn!  Link up with B and me to tell us about your weekend!



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