Weekending: Oops!

Hey Y'all!  It's that time again for a Weekending link-up.

Thursday, I caught up with my tall friend for brunch at Joule.  Yep, another one of Ashley Christsen's place.  She and I have been for coffee before, but it was seriously delish.

I got an egg sammy with bacon and avocad and hashbrowns.  My tall friend got a cheddar biscuit and eggs.  We were dying over how good it was.

Here's the oops part.  DG and I are in Ocracoke for the week.  I can't wait to post about our trip when we get back!  Until then, read my post from last year's trip when the picture below was taken.

Here's my theme song for the week:

Don't forget to link up with Biana and me and tell us about your weekend!  I'll be responding when I get back!

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