Travel Essentials {Plus a Giveaway!}

I was contacted by RelayRides to create a post of travel essentials.  It was great timing on their part since I just got back from Chicago.  I only packed a carry-on when I went, so I feel I'm a traveling expert now (hah).

I packed a small suitcase and my Lo & Sons O.G. bag.

Y'all, this bag is AMAZING.  It held so much!  I may have to do a post to show you just how much it does hold because I'm still mind blown.  It's currently 20% off with the code PRETHANKS20.

I also don't like to skimp on my favorite beauty products.  So, I purchase travel size items or use samples I get from Sephora and Nordstrom to take with me.  I don't take every single item I use, but my major staples I do.

The best thing I packed was the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and the Nivea Creme.  With the weather being cooler than NC and the heat in places, my skin was really dry.  This definitely helped keep me hydrated.

I also packed very versatile clothing.  I only wore Lululemon Wunder Unders while I was there.   I should go on record and say that wunder unders are all I wear in the winter.

I also only packed two pairs of shoes.  My Frye Melissa Button boots and my Tory Burch heels that are so old she doesn't even make them any more.  I wore my Frye boots most of the trip and on Monday, I walked over 13 miles in them.  That's why I'm telling you they're worth the money.

I learned my lesson from my trip to Cancun back in June.  I overpacked and didn't wear half of what I packed with me.  AND, my Bioderma exploded all over my clothes.  So this time, I only packed necessities and it made my travel so much easier.

I also brought my trusty sweater with me.   It was perfect for the plane and for when I didn't need a full blown coat.

I also will say that I brought my iPad to read and a few magazines.  However, I made friends with a little lady on the plane so I didn't read as much as I thought.  I also had Lauren and Katie text me songs that made them happy and created a "Chicago" play list.

If you remember, I gave away a copy of Helen Kaufmann's book, White Gloves and Collards: A Memoir.  Helen contacted me a couple of weeks ago because her book came out on audio books and so, I listened to her book on the flight back.  Helen got someone to read her book who sounds like she's from eastern North Carolina, and boy does she nail it.  I have a copy of Helen's audiobook to give away.  Giveaway ends November 21.

What are your travel essentials?


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RelayRides is an interesting concept.  Take a look and keep them in mind for your future travels.  They're part of the growing sharing economy that have many airport rentals available around the country. 

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