Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love the season and the fact that the holiday is about reflecting on things and being grateful.  So often, I feel that we forget to be thankful for everything we currently have, and I like taking the opportunity to reflect with family and friends.

This year is a really special year for DG and me.  We are officially a family now, which is an amazing feeling.  This year, it will be us and my parents celebrating together. They are most excited to have a new addition to our family.  It's easy to get bogged down in the negatives, especially since my in-laws haven't spoken to me since our wedding and are having a hard time accepting that DG and I got married.  But I am so thankful and appreciative that my parents have accepted DG like one of their own.  I am also incredibly appreciative of my sister-in-law who has accepted me just like a sister!  Means a lot to an only child like me. 

I am also incredibly thankful for my amazing friends.  I can't even talk about how wonderful they are.  Y'all know I've posted about them so many times, but I am so lucky to have these ladies in my life. 

I'm also incredibly thankful for my job(s), DG's job, our house, our reliable vehicles, and I am constantly trying to remind myself to stop and be appreciative.  I do not want to take anything for granted and I do not want to ever be viewed as ungrateful.  Gratitude is so incredibly important in such a fast paced world like today.

I am also thankful for y'all and the support you have offered me in this journey that has opened doors for me I never even dreamed.

And lastly, I'm most thankful for this dude.

Oh... one more little thing.  Remember my best friend Lindsey?  And the rough year she's had?  She's ending 2014 with some great news.  Her and her husband are expecting baby G June 2015!  I came home Tuesday to a little picture and a note that said "Call me before opening."  I called her and immediately burst into tears.  More on this later, but this makes my Thanksgiving even more special this year.

What are you thankful for this year?

Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!


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