Weekending: Another One Bites the Dust

This weekend was yet another one that went by too fast.  I did a horrible job of taking pictures, but I do have a few to share.

DG was out of town this weekend, so we went on an early date night Thursday.  It just so happened to be around the time of our engagement anniversary, so I used that as a reason to try somewhere new!  Lucky 32 didn't disappoint.

Friday night, I grabbed sushi with my friend ECW that was absolutely amazing (with no pictures to prove it).

Saturday, I went to Greenville to visit my friend Hillary.  We had lunch and went shopping.  I knocked out some serious Christmas gifts.  I was super excited we got to lunch at a Tavola too!  It's my favorite restaurant in Greenville.  I got their seafood bisque and Hillary got their baja pizza and seriously, it was everything I remembered it being!

Sunday, I worked at Stylish Living and Kate from Sara Kate Styling won my holiday giveaway.  She stopped by to pick up her prize and is just so adorable.  I can't wait to see how she styles her goodies!  Also, I am SO appreciative Stylish Living teamed up with me.

Sunday, DG and I finished decorating our tree.  We've never taken this long to get ready for Christmas, but we've also never been this slammed.  I'm pleased with how our decorations look, but I've gotta finish our Christmas tree skirt.  I made another ruffle skirt for this year!

Your turn! Tell Biana and me how your weekend was!



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