How I Did: 2014 Goals

For 2014, I made 12 personal goals in addition to goals DG and I wanted to accomplish in a year.  I thought I would recap with you how I did.
1. Learn calligraphy.
I took Melissa Esplin's I Still Love Calligraphy course.  I loved doing calligraphy but haven't been praticing since I made all our wedding placecards.  I hope to start practicing again in 2015!

2. No shopping for 3 months.
These goals never work for me.  Ever.  I put too much pressure on myself to not do it, that I end up shopping more.  Blegh.

3. Create a cleaning plan and stick it it.
This worked depending on the week.  Some weeks DG & I were just literally slammed.  With me working 4 jobs and with DG being busy with soccer, it just happened.  But we did a much better job overall.

4. Budget monthly.
I definitely budgeted every month, but sometimes things came up where we couldn't stick to our exact budget.  DG and I are trying to be more serious about this for 2015!

5. Pay off my credit card.
I took care of some of this, but not all.  That's where DG and I will be more serious this year.

6. Finalize my vision for the wedding.
I'm not sure that the vision ever came together 100%.  I certainly didn't wing it, but I certainly didn't stress about what the final outcome would be.  I trusted my day-of coordinator and my florist to pull it together and they did.

7. Run 100 miles in a month.
Nope.  Maybe 2015.

8. Run the St. Paddy's 8K in 43 minutes.
This I did complete!  And I'm hoping for a similar time for 2015!

9. Run Raleigh's Rock n Roll half marathon in under 2 hours.
Nope!  This was the hardest half marathon I've run.  There were various points where I was crying.  This year's half marathon will just be to run and have a good time.  No time goal.

10. Step up my blog game.
My goal last year was somewhat accomplished.  I still have a long way to go, but I've had two redesigns and have a camera that can take better quality pictures.  DG is still not 100% on board with taking pictures of outfits for Champagne & Suburbs, but he's getting a little better.  

11. Wear lipstick.
Definitely tried this and I love wearing lipstick now.

12. Be positive.
This came and went.  But I tried to make a more conscious effort and I definitely felt better overall.

How'd you do with your goals for 2014?