Weekending: 16 Straight Working Days

Good morning, lovelies!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  It was a perfect fall weekend in North Carolina.

Friday, I came home after work to meet some folks from Home Depot to measure our outdoor doors.  We noticed that our doors aren't sealed very well and we've decided to get three new doors.  I wish I could say we weren't ecstatic about this, but we most definitely are.

After that, I met my friend KB at Pure Barre for class.  Afterwards, we went to Blackfinn, which just opened in Morrisville.  I have been to Blackfinn before in Charlotte, most recently for Amy's bachelorette, and loved it, so I was super pumped to find out it was opening in the area.  It certainly didn't disappoint either.  DG and I will definitely be going soon because the food was amazing!

When I got home, DG and I ate pizza and caught up on our day, and then we crashed on the couch..  By the way, I didn't eat two dinners, I just had appetizers at Blackfinn.  

Saturday, I woke up early to snuggle with Winston and did a few things around the house.  I worked at my part time job.  I'm not sure how much I've told you, but I work at a local gift boutique.  They have the best candles, jewelry, cards, and baby things.  Check out their Facebook page here and their Instagram here.  Good news?  They ship! 

I got ALB's anniversary gift and card from Stylish Living.  

And look at this adorable autumn window display!

I love working retail.  It's so much fun to meet new people and I love being able to give my opinion on products to buy.  My dream is to own a clothing and gift boutique with my BFF ALB.  When we were in college, we worked at a clothing boutique in Washington, NC and had the best time.  

While I was at work, two amazing things happened.  First, I was tagged by The Doodling Bug because they gifted me the "I'm Fixing To" shirt I've been eyeing from House of Swank!  I was so pumped!

Second, East Carolina beat Virginia Tech!  Sometime, I'll have to tell you about my experience and feelings about East Carolina.  But, when I tell you I was ecstatic, I mean I was ECSTATIC.  Especially after this article was floating around earlier this week.

Love this quote for reminding us how great life can be: "Life's pretty good and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate after all" - Johnny Depp

I think I also found my new favorite outfit.

dress // scarf (old) // booties (old; similar here) // bracelets // necklace (old; love this option)

DG and I went on date night at Apex Wings to watch the ending of the Georgia v. South Carolina game.  Let's be real.  Growing up in the South, football is always on.  We got cable back just to watch football.

Sunday, I worked again so I woke up early to take care of things that I normally do on Sundays.  It was the perfect start to fall; temperatures were in the low 70s.  So I busted out my new sweater from Vestique and two pieces from Rocksbox.

sweater // jeans // flats // bracelet // earrings // fitbit // nail polish

When I got home, I crashed.  I was exhausted and a little grumpy (sorry DG) thinking about my week ahead.  I have a few posts scheduled and apologize in advance for the delay of response to comments.  Thanks for reading along!

Now tell us how your weekend was!  Link up with Biana & me!



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